Nano Oxygen Water by the Case

This water is oxygenated using German and Japanese engineered and test conscepts.
The same style Nano Oxygen water is sold for 25 to 30 USD a bottle in America, Europe and Japan!
We are so excited to have access to this breakthrough at a fraction of the cost in other technology driven countries.

Per Bottle Retail Pricing = 80 THB
12 count 618ml Bottle Case
1 Case
960 THB per Case
Multi-case Discounts Available
Please note: Our Nano Oxygen Water is bottled in high density plastic to maintain oxygen levels for up to 6 months. Store your Nano Oxygen Water in a cool, dark place.
Mineral Water from the Maetang Valley by the Case - 12 quantity 618ml bottle per Box

Located in the hill top mountains on the road-way to Pai, we've discovered an unbelievable Mineral Water source in the north of Thailand. Just 1 hour from Chiang Mai, our rich mineral-rich mountain-water was discovered more than 15 years ago. Only now is this naturally produced water being made available to the public. The water is treated with minimal purification technology - carbon filter, ozone and UV. No reverse osmosis or distillation is used; leaving all nature's minerals intake for use by your body.
1 to 299 Cases
150 THB per Case
300+ Cases
140 THB per Case
2,000 Cases / 1 Container
120 THB per Case
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